Why Choose Us

Rich In Advanced Professional Knowledge And Experiences

• 17 years experience of signs manufacturing

• 20+ sets of advanced automation equipments to guarantee quality and quantity in manufacturing.

• 600+ big and medium-sized firms have been our clients

• Main projects:

6+ Hospital projects

20+ Goverment projects

35+ Real Estate projects


Artistic Workmanship and fine details management

Materials, paint, colour palette, lighting, and placement – every aspect is carefully considered to get you looking your best.

We do details management through 5 aspects.

• Advanced cutting machine can assure precise cutting , no difference from our design draft.
• Laser welding device make the products without fash, burr, welding scar or dirty.
• Details polishing will be handmade completely by skilled craftman.
• QC department check the products according to our quality standard indicators.
• Branded LED sources for guaranteeing the light effect, without bad effect for human eyes.

Beautiful Patterns With Unique And Patented Design

River Stone offers signs and signage you won't find anywhere else.

Everyone want to show their uniqueness, so do the brands.

Except the standard signs, our design team works with your ideas and requirements to create the perfect visual images and most appropriate types of signs to meet the site requirements and be structurally sound and function effectively.