Children’s Hospital

Children's Hospital


The logo elements are taken from the shape of colorful plasticine, which means that children at this age are very plastic. Let children live happily even in the hospital. At the same time, the logo combination reflects the colorful, light and lively signboards, which represents innocence and dreams, meaning here, full of imagination, laughter and sweetness.

And the elements of the logo, through consulting the opinions of the children, constitute the lovely image in their minds, and use their own words to interpret the infant hospital in their minds.


The inspiration of the auxiliary graphics comes from the colorful world in the eyes of the children. The designers created the manuscripts of the children's drawings to create irregular cartoons and unique cartoon letters, which made the boring hospital life vivid. Lively, fun, and rich imagination, let children in a world full of imagination

Our design philosophy for the children's hospital logo is to start with the child in everything and everything for the child.